I really, really love VFILES. I regularly find myself absorbed in their Model Files’ series, which you’ll find and then obsess over via their YouTube channel. It stars model casting director, Preston Chaunsumlit, as himself (but like, kind of scripted I think?) as well as his immaculate silky raven locks and biting tongue (said tongue fires off cry-laugh-inducing one-liners like, "find your couture!" and "less camel toe, more mistletoe," for their holiday card casting). Other unconventional but totally realistic at the same time castings include a model yoga shoot ("it’s like, model fight club") and a high-fashion Toddlers in Tiaras-ish shoot ("Do you think she could lose maybe like a few ounces by Friday?") Additionally, I’m really into VFILE’s X-Treme Fashion Week series, in which fashion freaks like musician and self-proclaimed "Banjee Rose"/"Dominican Princess,” aka Maluca, and a Bravo Gallery Girl bombard chic shows with a camera attached to their forehead in an attempt to interview Alexander Wang or pronounce Haider Ackerman. And yet, here’s the thing: I still don’t really know the hell VFILES is, and I’m fine with that. I do know they have a VFILES store that recently brought X-Girl back with the tween rave known as blogger Tavi Gevinson (who I also don’t understand) doing the whole awkward adorable thing in their campaign.

Anyway, my game plan at last night’s VFILES NYFW bash, hosted by LE1F and Alison Mosshart, was to ask the "VIPs" about their understanding of VFILES. That didn’t happen because it was a hot sea-punk-heavy mess and I was drunk. Anyway, "VIPs" included It Girls (Mia Moretti, Hannah Bronfman), designers (Eddie Borgo, Gigi Burris), bloggers (Bryan Boy, Rumi Neely), models (RJ King, Jourdan Dunn), a Hilton sister that wasn’t Paris and Bravo-lebrity Brad Goreski, who voiced his concern for the claustrophobic sea of Opening Ceremony types with a selection of dip-dyed hair color, ironic ’90s tube-tops, pseudo VFILE’s neck tattoos, etc. Those on the dancefloor were losing their shit to Two Chains via the revolving downtown door of DJs, including sometimes DJ Alison Mosshart, Been Trill, $hayne, ARCA, May Kwok, and the like. A slew of party photographer flashbulbs obviously captured the evening antics, but it was all about The Bosco photo-booth, which attracted many a mess (including myself) to document their hazy smize. And then of course upload via Twitter to boast to the uninvited that they just missed NYFW’s most bananas bash to beat. Whatever you are VFILES, you rock!


Photography provided by The Bosco

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