We caught up with the boys behind Galore magazine to get the slim-line, bullet point lowdown on Galore, Lovecat and their answer to the question, isn’t print dead already?

Milk Made Prince and Jacob, are you best friends as well as best collaborators?
Jacob Dekat and Prince Chenoa Yes it’s a strange dynamic. We are boyfriends, best friends and we collaborate on different levels. We DJ together, we create photography together and we produce our quarterly magazine Galore together! It’s a full on a approach, but we share a really dynamic relationship  that is truly hard to find.

MM What do you love about each other?
JDPC Everything! Lol.

MM I think people assume you’re straight because your magazine is all about celebrating female sexuality – what is up with that?
JDPC We dont let our sexuality define who we are. We love beautiful women, that bombshell Anna Nicole Smith type, it’s why we chose Ashley Smith for our first cover of Galore. She is so beautiful and her body is to die for, all models should look like that during fashion week! It’s gonna take some time – although Kate Upton seems to be making some waves for return of the bombshell.

MM You used to have a magazine called Lovecat – what happened?
JDPC We are no longer doing Lovecat and have decided to focus all our attention on being the Editors and Creative Directors of our new media company, Galore Media!

MM So tell us more about how Galore is different? The magazine looks very similar…
JDPC First and foremost, Galore is a creative agency – the magazine is more like a quarterly fanzine. Deeply rooted in the downtown fashion world, and with a global sensibility, Galore offers an inside glimpse into the lives of the girl everyone aspires to be and the ones that every man fantasizes about. We want to be the Dolce & Gabbana of publishing!

MM Why even do a magazine, and not just focus on the website – isn’t print dead?
JDPC We do believe in the conventional form print is dead, because the internet means information is so readily available it’s impossible to be ahead of the curve. But having said that, people will always want to have something tangible to hold. It just makes you feel real. Also, we were big fans of iD and Dazed in the 90’s, all newspaper print and dirty, and we wanna bring that back.

*MM How do you decide who goes in?
JDPC Most magazines all look the same, with the same teen pop stars and boring people
doing the same boring things, but these girls aren’t really boring! We have hung out with most of them, and they like smoking weed and having a good time, so it sucks that the public wants to make them all bubble gum princess and crap. We hope to get them out their shell and into a bra and panties :0

MM You’re very supportive of the blogging community, why?
JDPC Because bloggers are the new trendsetters. They tell the general public what’s hot when it’s hot before most magazines even have a chance. These people are addicted to fashion, art, music, models or whatever – and once the fashion community accepts you as a blogger, you are golden. You get front row show access and all the other nonsense.

MM What do you love and hate about fashion week?
JDPC We love the parties ‘cause we get to see people we haven’t seen in a while, but we hate WE going to fashion shows in a way. All that fuss for five minutes! There are a few designers we love – The Blondes, Jeremy Scott, Max Azria BCBG, Alexander Wang, Anna Sui. And of course what you guys do at Milk Studios, because it embraces the youth of fashion. Young brands may not have big budgets, but creativity is high and that’s what fashion is about – creativity and fun!

 MM What’s your best networking line for fashion week parties?
JDPC We are both actually very shy, so we don’t really network like that. We meet a lot of people at parties and get a lot of cards, but we loose most of them or they sit on the night stand – lol. 

MM What one item of clothing is gonna see you through this season?
JDPC Our custom made biker jackets! And Prince just got this ammmazing scarf  at The Gap for like 10 bucks on sale. That probably isn’t very fashion of us. We should be dropping big names, lol!

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