Vashtie: Artist, video director and designer of Violette New York

Milk Made What’s the one item of clothing you’ll be wearing all week?
Vashtie Probably my Nike Pro Hyperwarm pants because its so cold outside! They’re basically a warm underlayer that keeps me warm during travel to and from shows. They’re all black, sleek and soft. Since they’re compression pants, they’re almost like thermal spanx – and who doesn’t mind a little extra slimming during fashion week?!

MM What will be the party jam of NYFW, and why does it bump?
V It might be a tie between Major Lazer "Jah No Partial" which makes you feel like you’re at a West Indian rave and Mykki Blanco’s’ "Wavvy" which adds just the right amount of banjee for any amount of bouji at a fashion week party.

MM What was your ultimate Fashion Week triumph?
V It has to be being part of Opening Ceremony’s 10 year anniversary party, where they celebrated with New York City Nightlife at Webster Hall. My friend Oscar and I were asked to hold our 1992 among other nightlife empressarios like The Misshapes, Ghetto Gothic, The Smiths Party and more. It was quite possibly the best fashion week party to ever occur and I was lucky enough to be apart of it! and Violette New York @vashtie

May Kwok: DJ and party promoter

Milk MadeWhat’s your fave after-hours spot after a night of NYFW partying?
May Kwok Ugh, really? All I want to do after a night of NYFW partying is sit at home, order take out & cuddle with my puppy.

MM Who’s your Fashion Week Crush?
MK All my lady DJs out there hustling at NYFW events – Chelsea Leyland, Mia Moretti and Hannah Bronfman!

MM What was your ultimate Fashion Week faux pas of seasons past? Spill the deets.
MK I wore this really sexy skin-tight white Nomia dress few seasons ago to Milk and it kept riding up so I spent most my time pulling the dress down so my cooch wouldn’t show. Woops sorry Yara, but I never wore the dress ever again. @IAMAMAYZING

Heron Preston: Visual artist, designer, DJ and member of the #BEEN #TRILL collective

Milk Made What song do you think is gonna blow up this NYFW?
Heron Preston AHH, hard to say! So much out there, but check [this new mix] ( my boy Brenmar just released for V Magazine. This is THE fashion week mix!

MM The one item of you’ll be wearing when you go out all week?
HP My ////NASCAR bootleg long sleeve t-shirt. It’s a replica of the racing jackets with a ton of Nascar sponsor logos placed all over it, like M&M’s, Snickers, 3M, Home Depot, Remington, Budweiser, Trix, etc… I’m really all about things that go fast right now and Nascar is so not a part of NYC culture. That’s magic for me.

MM Who’s your fashion week crush, and why?
HP I just discovered this girl who lives in NYC. Her name is Ruth Gruca, omg she’s so sexy and has amazing style. I have a super big crush on her. I’m pretty cool around girls but there’s something about her, like I’d totally die if I saw her in person. @heronpreston

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