I’ve been to many a Prabal Gurung show. And I’ve learned what to expect. You know, a spectacular circus complete with kaleidoscopic prints and a blindingly bright front row – Yes, PG’s shows are always stunning, always colorful, always replete with a Clarins’ girl or three or however many there are, and I’ve always left with a perma-smize feeling as if I just left a five star spa.

But this season I was left questioning my 20/20 vision. Did I go to the wrong show? While PG’s carnival-themed Target launch was super sugary sweet, his AW13 runway show transported spectators to a shadowy sartorial underworld. Long gone were the romantic wails of Florence Welch, replaced majorly by a pulsating Matrix-esque soundtrack. Also gone were the pastel floral patterns and tons of tulle. Instead, an army of models fiercely strutted past clad in killer metallic pumps and even a few sex kitten thigh-high boots. There were goth-glam leather dresses (and harnesses!), there were peplumed-olive green jackets, there was a killer one-shoulder blood red gown complete with midriff cut-outs. This was Gurung’s kind of girl power – a look that could kill. The show came across as a twisted Angelina Jolie-headlining, award-winning dark romance. I never wanted it to end, and when it did, I left in a fashion daze and with head-to-toe goosebumps – long before exiting onto the chilly snow-covered streets.

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