Last season we invited six of the biggest bloggers on Tumblr to cover MADE fashion week and use our office as a base. Out of the six we noticed Jace Lumley, well, mainly because a) he saved a models life b) we caught the incident on film and c) the .gif zipped around the net (see below). His blog was (and still is), he was living in Pittsburgh and looking to get a foothold into the fashion industry. We were really happy to find out that since then he’s bagged a job as photo editor at which came from friendships he struck up at last September’s fashion week. We caught up with him to hear the next chapter in his story….

Sarah Hay Jace, how did we meet again? You were…

Jace Lumley I was shooting for Tumblr at MADE fashion week last fashion week, it would have been spring 2013 stuff

SH It feels like so long ago…

JL It does feel like a long time ago. This felt soon is what I thought, I was like its already fashion week, but the last one I was a lot more involved just because I was in the office here, I was running around to a lot more shows, but um, that’s how we met. Sitting in the office for seven days.

JL So my blog was like kind of like personal style lifestyle like a very basic style where to get basics for guys who are just trying to find their personal style. And then it was a little bit of my adventure to, moving to New York, ’cause I’m from Pittsburg, Pennsylvania, and came here so its just been like a rush since then, since living in this crazy city. But thats what its about. Kinda of a journey blog I guess.

SH So now you’re working at GQ. What’s your position at GQ?

JL I’m the photo editor for So I deal mostly with web content. Any of the photos that go up go through me. Any projects that we shoot I get to, I either get to shoot myself or I get to suggest photographers for it.

SH That’s amazing. And so have you had a chance to bring in any of the skills or talent you’ve met during your time from doing plain T shirt?

JL Yeah, I definitely have, one prominent photographer that we have now, Masha Maltsava who shoots shots for you at, I met her last fashion week and because I really liked her work, I asked her to do our street style for women’s, she was totally down for it and doing well. So like that’s what I want to do is bring in talented people. They really haven’t had a photo editor on the web yet. It’s a new thing for everyone.

SH So how many images are we talking about and what kind of images are dealing with. Do you handle runway images as well?

JL The runway shows are pretty generic just because we pull from one master server and put the shows up but I’ll talk to guys that I think are doing cool stuff during the week, and see if maybe they want to post any pictures and an excerpt from a day because a lot of the times you wanna make it more personal, I don’t think a guy is going to sit down and like look through 44 slides of a mens show so I personally think it’s more about one picture and a sum up of a day. I’m always looking for stuff that someone can look at that kinda makes sense or sums up one of these days. But then outside of that, you know, I look through, even today its been like 60, 50 images, of street style we had submitted and some other small project that we have going on with the site.

SH So what for you makes a street style picture pop for you, you’ve got 50 in front of you. What is it that…

JL I had a very particular photography professor which is tough when it comes to street style, because you always have different subject matter in the background, you always have like a car that you don’t want there, or someone walking around in the background. So i try and pay attention to the people when they are framing the picture initially are paying attention to that stuff. Which is hard you get a lot of photographers that are like snap snap snap, and shooting. So I try and pay attention to the guys that are paying a little bit more. So like a clean shot is what really gets me focused on what they are trying to focus on. Yeah.

SH Mens Day, happening tomorrow. NYC doesn’t have its own mens week as yet, and Sunday we could say is the official, unofficial mens day, right?

JL Yeah! definitely!

SH What are you going to be looking for tomorrow.

JL Tomorrow, the biggest show, well actually, not even show wise the biggest presentation I’ll be looking forward to is Public School which happens here, its been my favorite for three seasons, just because its like very simple, I can see myself in most of the outfits, which is what like I pay attention to, besides that show wise I really wanna see Y3 just because I like their collaborations and they kinda have like more of a foreign mix on things.

SH When I met you you were looking to move to NY from Pittburgh, that’s happened now right?

JL Right. I’m living with a friend who has a cool blog on Tumblr, Dillon Burke, he’s working with you guys this season.

SH congratulations

JL Thank-you its been good, New York is just so fast, so fast.

Photography by Masha Maltsava

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