In part two of three in our series about the talents on the NYFW after party landscape, we bring you three fly females. Hashtag girl power y’all.

DJ Chelsea Leyland

Milk Made What is your #1 NYFW survival tip?

Chelsea Leyland A big green juice every day and tons of water.

MM What’s the one item of clothing you’ll be busting out all week?

CL I will always have heels on or close by or in a bag. They’re a must for me – even if I’m wearing snow boots to get to a party, once my heals go on I feel transformed into a lady! I’m a total shoe addict and take real pride in what’s on my feet.

MM What will be the party jam of NYFW? Who’s song is it and why does it bump?

CL “Mirror Maru” by Cashmere Cat is a really good mellow fashion event track. And for a pumping party track, “Werkin Girls” by Angel Haze (have a listen and you shall see!)


DJ and entrepreneur Hannah Bronfman

Milk Made What’s the one item of clothing you’ll be busting out all week?

Hannah Bronfman My Reece Hudson handbag. I have a few, and I’ll always have one in hand. I love the brand, I love Reece and I think they are gonna be big the next craze.

MM Who’s your fashion week crush?

HB Dan Otero. He runs Launch Collective, and is just amazing at what he does — it’s admirable.

MM What was your ultimate Fashion Week triumph?

HB The fact I have yet to fall over in this damn weather!!


DJ, vocalist and musician, Kim Ann Foxman

Milk Made What will be the party jam of NYFW, and why does it bump?

Kim Ann Foxman For me personally I’m gonna pick a fun cheesey one, it probably isn’t in any shows, but I’ll definitely play it at the parties. It’s called ‘Bump N Grind’, it’s a bootleg by Waze & Odyssey and its basically turns an R. Kelly track into a proper classic house slammer. I’ll be playing it for sure.

MM Where’s your favorite after-hour spot to hit up after a night of NYFW

KAF Cafe Orlin is a good 24-hour spot and Veselka is another one.

MM What was your ultimate Fashion Week disaster of seasons past?

KAF I’ve been so lucky, I haven’t had many disasters other than one of my
flights being delayed meaning I almost didn’t make my gig. I missed my soundcheck though, and loads of people were waiting to get in already. The event was calling me freaking out because they were holding the doors but I made it just in time, and luckily things were working just fine.


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