Shocker, I know: there was yet another rowdy fashion-freak filled after-party last night at the painfully hip Bow. Which means, there were pretty people in a plethora of look-at-me devices: veiled beanies, feather headpieces, and many more side-eye-inducing zany similars. There were electronic cigarettes being puffed, there were dangling gun wind-chimes above them which would look great in my living room. In other words, just another NYFW night.

‘Twas the night of Prabal Gurung’s after-party, aka the designer whose super-fans include Oprah and Michelle Obama. They weren’t able to make the debauched affair, but another kind of first lady – the First Lady of the Ruff Ryders, hey! – served as a fantastic replacement. E-V-E hit the stage at midnight, firing off past hits like Gangsta’ Lovin and Let Me Blow Ya Mind, whilst Gurung flailed his chiseled arms, squealing along to Rich Girl in a super tight white v-neck t-shirt. I somehow found myself behind the DJ booth at one point where I kicked it with Eve and the names Nicki Minaj, Lil Kim, Mariah Carey AND Azealia Banks came up. TMZ, hit us up.

Milk Maid So, thoughts on PG’s show?

Eve It was fucking amazing. It was the perfect show. The music, the production — it was SO dramatic.

MM I’m obsessed with your new single, "She Bad Bad"… the world has missed you girl. Excited to at last release a new album?

E I’m really excited about it actually. It’s been forever. "She Bad Bad" was a gamble, but it paid off with the video. The official single has Gabe Saporta on it from Cobrastarship.

MM Love Gabe. Just kicked it with him here at the VFiles party a few nights ago. And by "kicked it" I mean I drooled. I drooled a lot.

E Are you serious?! We just did the video three days ago. I love Gabe. Who doesn’t have a crush on Gabe? He’s fucking gorgeous. We had a great time.

MM I can only imagine. Moving on, I personally and passionately think it’s about that time for a remake of the immaculate "Ladies’ Night". Tell me you agree. And who would you want on the upgrade?

E I would do Missy – I gotta get Missy again. I would do Azealia. Azealia is so dope. People want me to hate on her but I can’t. She’s just doing her thing.

MM And how about the Notorious Lil Kim…

E I grew up on Lil Kim. She was the girl I listened to in high-school, you know what I mean?

MM Rumor has it she isn’t so sweet to fellow fierce MCs though. Set the record straight!

E In the beginning, no, she wasn’t nice. Not at all. I think it’s just girls – girls feel like they’ve gotta be the only one, like they’re the only girl ever.

MM Do you get into the #TeamKim vs #TeamBarbs thing?

E I don’t get into it. I feel like Nicki is doing her fucking thing. You can’t be mad at somebody who is fucking successful.

MM But I can be mad when she disses MARIAH "MIMI" CAREY, am I right?!

E Mimi is my girl – I love Mimi. I don’t like the beef. You know what makes me mad? I hate when two women have to always be catty. Why can’t we just work together?

MM My thoughts exactly, girl. Okay, let’s go way back when. What would young Eve circa my Valentine’s Day anthem, "Love is Blind," say to the Eve of today?

E My advice would probably be to trust my instincts more. I second guessed myself a lot when I was younger.

MM Your weave is heavenly. But would you ever consider serving an old school Eve hair moment again?

E I probably will. I think about that every time I get a new weave. I’m like, "Just shave your f***ing head!"

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