Right after the Hood By Air runway show we caught a quick interview with the designer, Shayne Olivier for a live Google+ hangout. Here’s a transcript of what he had to say about the collection and artists Boy Child and A$AP Rocky walking the show.

MilkMade: So how many looks did you just send down the runway, take us a little bit though that

Shayne Oliver: We actually had to cut down on looks, I think it was 17 to 20.

MM: What were some of the themes going on there, it was dark and urban plus there were a lot of textures going on.

SO: It had a lot to do with the Rastafarians that live in Brooklyn and the culture of them coming to New York and trying to adapt to the different side of things. We found that interesting cos we live in those areas

MM: So you’re all about pushing and blowing the boundaries between streetwear and casual

SO: I think that street wear is only considered that because of the attitude that comes across when you wear it, I know a lot of people that buy high end but yet in a way its still street wear because of how they live it, so I think I’m trying to blur it and bring the street elements to a high place and do the reverse.

MM: Well I mean if you look at it, Kris Van Assche, what he did with Dior Homme with the the stripy Bréton tops this season, that to a Frenchman is arguably street wear and Kris redid that in a really luxurious material so why not do the same thing for street wear in Brooklyn?

SO: I think it’s a particular type of person I grew up around and I just, you know, we live this lifestyle, we kind of dibble and dabble, from different aesthetics, we aren’t held down, and so our style isn’t held down either.

MM: You had a couple of artists walk the show as well, tell us about what inspires you creatively about both the artists you had walk the show.

SO: Boy Child is amazing, she’s like beyond, I like the aesthetic of her, just as her being something that people should appreciate because it’s so current and now, and present and what the future will be. A$AP Rocky is a great friend we share our worl, he’s just a good friend in a way. I appreciate both and Tasha, Boy Child is a good friend of mine, so you know it all works hand in hand.

MM: This is your first season showing at Made Fashion week, right?

SO: Yeah, super excited, I wanna thank everybody,

Photography by Masha Maltsava

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