Many an It girl (who probably doesn’t fancy being called an It girl) filled the front-row at yesterday’s Karen Walker runway show. Cory Kennedy wore her tangerine-colored Walker sunnies throughout the show, and in her defense, the lights were kind of blindingly bright. Across from Kennedy was blogger Rumi Neely rocking some sort of designer S&M-y shoes that I’m supposed to know about and that the street style bloggers surely lost their sartorial shit over. Next to her was her blogger BFF, a fur-and-sunglasses-less (GASP!) Bryan Boy, who shockingly looked less Ewok chic, more approachable human fashion kid. As I reached my seat, Siouxsie and the Banshees began to blast, heralding the beginning of an overwhelmingly lovely show. Afterwards I headed backstage to interview Walker, whose locks were newly shorn, and whose reaction when I brought up her paparazzi-friendly frow was THIS: “Oh, I didn’t know. I didn’t look!”

Milk Made I am so OBSESSED with the creamsicle-ish eye makeup. Discuss!
Karen Walker The collection was inspired by early Siouxsie so with the makeup we wanted that porcelain powdered skin and that famous [eye] flick, but not in the traditional way. We thought, "Let’s take the flick, but don’t worry about the contour and the lip; let’s just concentrate on the flick." We used sherbet-y kind of colors. MAC is so great with colors — if you want a color, you go to MAC.

MM And the shoes today. THE SHOES! (Carrie Bradshaw voice)
KW We never do delicate with shoes – it’s kind of like our approach to eyewear as well. It’s always chunky and strong. I think we’ve got a signature going with the shoes. We’ve been using the same shoe-making lab since I think season four or five. So now it’s just playing with the detail of the cut and color, but not totally reinventing the sole every season. I like to have that sort of signature every season, not like totally wild zig-zagging every six months.

MM I imagine you’re like the Marc Jacobs of New Zealand. Do you get mobbed over there?
KW Certain people know who I am, but they don’t tend to come up to me so much. When I’m at an event and someone asks to have my photo, then suddenly there’s like twenty people. But if I’m just at the shop to get vegetables, no no!

MM So, we know the It girls love them some Karen Walker. As for celebs, who hearts you?
KW There’s a lot of Rihanna in our press files. There was also a really nice handwritten note waiting in my hotel from Dakota Fanning when I arrived this week from New Zealand. What a nicely brought-up young lady! And Anne Hathaway has been wearing the shades recently so I was really pleased when she won a BAFTA yesterday.

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