This season six of Tumblrs most popular fashion bloggers were resident at MADE fashion week to do their thing front row at our shows. All under thirty years of age we thought we’d ask them questions about subcultures, fast fashion and does fashion even matter?!

William Yan, 29, blogging since 2008

Milk Made Do you think that fashion subcultures still exist, or is fashion too commercial?
William Yan They probably do, whether we know about them or not. There’s a big movement among the urban youth whereby they all support each other by wearing different versions of the same thing. Where like four of five of them will have the same sneaker, but in a different color. Or there’s the couple I keep seeing around fashion week, who wear matching outfits to go to the shows together.

MM Do you think disposable fashion is a good or a bad thing?
WY I buy stuff I feel like I’ll be able to wear forever, like I didn’t buy anything new for fashion week. But for some people fast fashion can be good, for girls who like to be trendy and feel like they’re on top of their game. I feel like if it makes style more affordable for the masses, there’s nothing wrong with it.

MM Finally, does fashion even matter?
WY For me, fashion don’t matter. I prefer shooting people outside of fashion week, it’s easier of course – but I’m not interested in trends, I just shoot stylish individuals. Clothes matter.

Jaimen Lee, 29, blogging since 2010

Do fashion subcultures still exist?
Absolutely. I just saw a few members of the Russian Fashion Pack at the last MADE show, and they’re taking over, totally influential, and there’s a Steam Punk subculture that’s starting to cross over and inspire designer fashion. I also like the subculture of people having a voice who haven’t been given that before – which is where Tumblr comes into play, especially for people who don’t have money to spend on high fashion but want to know how to look cute.

What’s your opinion on fast fashion, have clothes become too disposable?
I am the biggest advocate of fast fashion, because people like me can’t afford to buy investment pieces but we’re desperate to look high fashion or on trend. I think it fills a massive gap – but I absolutely hate what it’s doing to the environment. I’ve lived in China before, and I’ve seen how polluted that country already is and hate to think that fast fashion is making it worse. It’s made me more conscious about where I purchase things from – brands like Of A Kind, who have a blog on Tumblr, come out with things fast and are affordable, but are also sustainable. In the same way people are more concerned about eating right, it’s going to same way with fashion.

Does fashion even matter? Yes? No? Why?
YES. I don’t think it matters where you get the clothes, but it 100 percent affects the way people see you. Especially in a city like New York, where there’s actually a lot less talking than one might think, and a lot more looking, you’re basically speaking with what you’re wearing.

Brandon Stanton, 28, blogging since 2011

Milk Made You photograph people all over NYC, do fashion suncltures exist in the city?
Brandon Stanton Gangs definitely exist! I think it’s wrapped up in our human DNA, the need to belong, and we create communities around this. What’s so interesting about Tumblr is that whereas we used to have to find these connections within our peer groups, now people can find a sense of belonging with people who are spread across the globe. Its interesting how the internet can be so isolating and yet so connecting at the same time. It was after I went to the Blonds show I really got what you are on about. These people have their own thing going on and they are totally proud to be different from everything else.

MM What’s your stance on the fast fashion debate?
BS I’m very uninformed about fashion and trends, willfully ignorant of what’s ‘in’, so that all I’m doing when I photograph people is reacting to what I think is beautiful. It could be something really mass produced, but I would never know. But I am good at spotting home made stuff – if I haven’t seen something before, chances are it’s a one-off original, and finding those things makes me happy.

MM So does fashion even matter in your Tumblr world?
BS It’s an art form, and fashion creates beauty just like all art. I appreciate fashion, and the lengths that other people go to to be beautiful and original, because I love to have beautiful and original photos on my site – but I don’t follow fashion personally. I wore the same jeans and hoodie for the first three days of Fashion Week.

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