Q&A With Tumblr Star Montserrat Macuer

Montserrat Macuer: audreyhepburncomplex.tumblr.com
Name: Montserrat M. Macuer
Age / Astrological Sign: 23 years old/Cancer/Tiger
Actual Hometown/ Dream Residence: New York City/ Paris or Barcelona
If your Tumblr account would be a TV series, pitch us a concept in one sentence: Aesthetics (+ Audrey Hepburn) as a way of life
audreyhepburncomplex.tumblr.com: Andy Warhol. Say what you will about him, but the man was a walking work of art/fashion icon.
Most sacred fashion experience so far: Seeing the Metropolitan Museum of Art’s exhibits on the work of Paul Poiret (2007) and Coco Chanel (2005). It was in those brilliant exhibitions where you could really see the link between fashion and art.
My model look-alike is: I’d love to look like Zooey Deschanel or Lily Cole, but I look like neither. And yes, I do realize I’m not answering the question.
Time I wake up in the morning: Depends at what time I have class, but it’s usually at around 7-8 am.
My biggest allergy: Polyester. Well, not really.
What I currently sing in the shower: "Funnel of Love", by Wanda Jackson and "El Amanecer", by Javiera Mena.
My trashiest guilty pleasure: Watching "Jersey Shore" sacredly every Thursday.
Language I’d like to learn the most: Catalan. My grandmother is Catalonian and so is my name, so it makes sense I might want to learn it, despite the fact that it is only spoken in the northern region of Spain.
How I like my Milk: Whole and Chocolate, although I usually have it skim and in my coffee.

Photo courtesy of William Mebane

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