NYFW CLUB CREATIVES: #venusxtc #miamoretti #BBRENMAR

DJ Venus X

Milk Made What’s your #1 Fashion Week survival tip?
Venus X Don’t take it personal. PR girls never know who is actually important like not famous or rich but actually holding down the culture. So when they act cunty at the door, pray for them.

MM What was your ultimate Fashion Week triumph from past seasons?
VX I got to the Hood By Air show in fall of 2011 and we were still undecided on the music two hours before the show. I pulled a lot of references and was going to DJ live but we never practiced or anything. It was very scary but one of the best soundtracks I’ve ever done, I even sampled Portuguese live Soccer!

MM Dish on your fashion week crush?
VX Ummmm I guess it would have to be the designer of Komakino and his girlfriend. They are IT and don’t get me started on the line, it’s my dream come true.

Instagram: @venusxtc
Twitter: @Venusxgg

DJ Mia Moretti

Milk Made What’s your fave after-hours spot after a night of NYFW partying?
Mia Moretti Le Baron

MM What will be the party jam of NYFW? Who is it and why does it bump?
MiMo Bitch Don’t Kill My Vibe by Kendrick Lamar. Because nobody wants you to kill their vibe!

MM What was your ultimate Fashion Week memory EVER?
MiMo It has to be watching Lil Kim perform at the Opening Ceremony party last year. At that moment, all the hustle and bustle ended and everything just seemed to make sense. The world was alright.

Twitter/Instagram: @miamoretti

As New York gears up for the closing parties of its autumn-winter 2013 season we introduce three more DJs and producers who are firing up the sky-line during fashion week.

DJ, producer Brenmar

Milk Made What’s the one item of clothing you’ve been wearing out all week, and why so crucial?
Brenmar My OC x Timberland boots. With all the snow they’ve been keep me nice and dry and I can wear ‘em with anything.

MM What was your ultimate Fashion Week disaster from seasons past?
B Hmmmm lol! No real "disasters" but I’ve definitely under-dressed before…I’ve been the only dude in the room in some Jordans and jeans more than once.

MM What’s your fave after-hours spot after a night of NYFW partying?
B An Choi during fashion week, it’s filled with models and pretty asian girls at nite.

Twitter/Instagram: @BBRENMAR

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