My favorite store to eyeball things I could never quite pull off rocking/fitting into is St. Mark’s staple, Trash & Vaudeville. My favorite television show growing up — besides Beverly Hills 90210, duh, (#TeamKellyTaylor)– was Aaahh!!! Real Monsters. Also, I had a brief albeit severely worrisome obsession for kick-ass ladies who shared a penchant for snatching weaves and going topless. You know, like, WWF salacious superstars (I LIVED for the evening gown matches!) and Xena: Warrior Princess. And Ginger Spice. So, it makes so much sense, to me at least, that this afternoon’s Jeremy Scott show was my fave of the wild child’s in recent memory.

Hear me out. The show’s soundtrack was basically Trash & Vaudeville’s Pandora station and the slew of messy punk-pretty mohawks that the girls were werking were what I expect is strikingly similar to T&V’s hair employee requirement. There were leather snapbacks with Real Monster-esque eyeball graphics and a knitted midriff with a trippy smiley-face, with its dangling teeth cutouts accentuating the model’s ribs. There were t-shirts with look-at-me lines like "Too Rare To Die," and other look-at-me devices like several pointy-bra halter tops (which came in neons and zany stripes/patterns) and ass-cheek-exposure-heavy leather daisy dukes.

The Jeremy Scott-clad front row was equally as Rave Spice, which included A$AP Rocky, Waka Flaka, Natalia Kills, Kat Graham, and Perez Hilton, who’s apparently still showcasing his upgraded non-obese body, which today meant going shirtless (chest hair and all) under JS suspenders. There was also a member or two of 2NE1 and The Misshapes — Leigh Lezark wore a JS biker jacket with jingling min-gun ornaments, which I totally would see a modern day Xena: Warrior Princess rocking whilst stabbing fairies or whatevs or getting sloshed via PBRs at Motor City Bar. Oh, the bags were super super cute, too. As for my personal "Jeremy Scott better work!" moment(s)? It involved a foxy male model rocking a leather snapback complete with a plum-colored silky weave attachment and, OH OMFG YES, the final look, aka a full-on canary-colored fur hooded one-piece for which a nearly unidentifiable Lindsey Wixon somehow managed to strut in, which, PS, was complete with the train-of-all-trains. In other words, a tail, for which I’d hope no fool would dare wear on the vodka-drenched dancefloor at tonight’s JS after-party. Actually, I lied. You bring that fab furry creature; I’ll bring the charged iPhone complete with my updated Instagram app.

Photography by Chris Swainston

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