Being Bodkin

With visions of minty buoyancy, Eviana Hartman presented her latest Bodkin collection at The Standard tonight. “It’s driven by the classics, which is a little bit of a different direction for our brand,” said Hartman of the collection. “The palette is very soft. It’s really all about being soft and relaxed – about being urban and cool. The collection as a whole has this optimism which is more than welcome during this harsh winter.”

Hartman gave us a bit on her design process for AW11. “I wish I had more time to disappear into dreamland, but I also have to run my business,” she conceded. “It’s about learning, hard work, and lots of number crunching. I think about the clothes on the subway, all the time really.” Especially the fact that she knows her shopper better than anyone. “My customers are my friends,” added the designer. “Most of them seem to be writers, art directors, and business owners. They’re just extremely cool women who’re very much aware of how they dress but not really ‘fashion-fashion.’”

  • Valentine Uhovski

Photos courtesy of James Stone

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