Travel Journal: Global Milk

Oh, all the places we go!

Milk Studios is the headquarters for everything we do. It’s our mission control. Our base camp. Sometimes though, the walls of our creative clubhouse can’t contain everything we are trying to do, and we are forced to venture away from the nest in order to get the job done.

Trust us though… we are not complaining. Milk’s taken us all over the world. To Thailand, Puerto Rico, Paris, Siberia and Argentina. Even though we are racking up the frequent flyer miles pretty heavily, it’s not always us doing the traveling.

Some of our favorite photographers and their teams stop by Milk to pick up gear from the Milk Locations department before heading out into the wild. Some of these photographers, like our buddy Alex Verron and the boys from Greg Kadel‘s crew, are nice enough to send us digital postcards of our equipment making it’s way all over the world. So even if it’s not us riding on the back of an elephant in Africa or making snow angels in Antarctica, we still get a little bit of bragging rights.

Here’s a few of our favorite shots we’ve received lately.

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