Chris Swainston's Fashion Week Evolution

The reason why we keep bringing photographer Chris Swainston back from the west coast to shoot MADE Fashion Week is because we love watching his photography evolve. You never know what Swainston’s got cooking behind his eyes, but you know that when he serves it up, it’s gonna blow your mind. Back in September of 2011 when Swainston shot his first season of MADE Fashion Week, his photos were raw, desaturated and dark and told the story of a program that was still in it’s infancy.

Now that the MADE program has grown and developed into the brooding organism that it is, Swainston trained his lens to document the program’s evolution masterfully. This season the photographer’s photos are built on strong blocks of color. The backdrops of his photos disappear into heavy blackness, leaving our eyes to focus on the exact same thing that the MADE program is focused on: The fashion.

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