Her name is Louisahhh!!! Yes, seriously. And if you’re familiar with the extraordinary spinning machine
— she’s one half of the duo NYCPARTYINFO — then you KNOW that the multiple exclamations are
absolutely appropriate. She’s also a vocalist, and you can enjoy those pretty pipes all over a slew of
trippy, thumping-heavy tracks, mostly with the Bromance Records crew, where she’s the “First Lady”.
(“It feels like a league of superheroes. ‘Who are you? What is your superpower?’”) The buzzed-about
talent is currently doing her thing in Paris with her musical French fraternity, and performing Thursday
evening at The Social Club for the Girls Girls Girls bash, sharing a bill with the salacious Brooke
, which resulted in a "wave of fear entering me” reaction, along with a Facebook status reading:
AWESOME TIME!” If our chit-chat is to be trusted, expect a solo EP and many more ahhh!!!-some times
in the near future from my latest obsession.

What’s up with the “AHHH!!!” bit in Louisahhh!!!? Every time I read its spelling, it makes me kind
of really happy and makes me wanna scream the AAAH!! It also reminds me of Nickelodeon’s
“Aahhh!!! Real Monsters,” which was perfection. Explanation please

Good question! I chose my DJ name as a young, wild creature of the night. I recall being on a steady
diet of enthusiasm-enhancing drugs at the time, and that was reflected in the choice. I have since
regretted it, especially because it is constantly misspelled (A to H to exclamation point ratio is apparently
complicated), and also when not shouting it, it is hard to explain, “I am Louisa…ahhh,” but there is no
turning back now. It can be interpreted as a shriek of delight or a war cry — your choice.

I don’t really know the difference between good/bad dance music. Like, that “Titanium” song is
my everything. So, talk to me about the BAD, please.

I really detest nostalgia. I find anything that is a throwback with no original ideas or forward movement
pretty insipid and aggravating. Like, Detroit did Detroit; Chicago did Chicago. You don’t need to do it
again! The question should always be, “how can we move things forward?” There is a reason I don’t
make music with a guitar. I love playing guitar, but it’s been done.

I’m obsessed with true Manhattanites and, hi, you are one. I’m assuming you had a fake ID. Also,
what parties did you terrorize and get you into the most trouble?

Oh man. I had several fake IDs. They were all terrible and kept getting confiscated by eye-rolling door guys. This was all around the time that Sparks was on a rampage of giving away as much alcohol as they possibly could, so there was
much trouble to be gotten into while “riding the orange lightning.” Motherfucker, Trash, anything at Lit,
Rififi, MisShapes, Happy Ending, Morrissey Park…these were amazing times before that tipping point of
problems from “partying” eclipsing the party itself. I wouldn’t trade any of it, though.

Post-rehab, could you ever imagine finding yourself working again in the party world?

I clearly remember being in rehab and throwing the biggest tantrum — perhaps of all time — like, writhing
on the floor in agony, because it was suggested maybe, as a recovering addict, I steer clear of nightlife.
Because of putting recovery first, however, I have been given the freedom to live this life doing what I love, without drinking and using. It is totally a miracle: if I stay clean and sober, I get to be a beacon in what can sometimes feel like the trenches of alcoholism or addiction. Pretty good deal, I think.

Details of Girls Girls Girls clubnight at The Social Club here
Louisahhh will also be DJing at Wanderlust on March 9, details here

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