Although Horse Meat Disco has been shaking the hips of a mixed crowd of London’s bear-y-er gays, for nearly a decade, the queue still regularly stretches round the block. Run by a four man team, DJs Jim Stanton, James Hilliard, Severino and Filthy Luka, the predominant attitude at their clubnight is unpretentious, music loving, hard drinking and hard dancing with sounds running through disco oddities, Italo and house classics, as featured on their various mix compilations.

Given Horse Meat’s popularity and packed dance-floor, body contact with your fellow clubbers is always a bit of an inevitability. In short, at Horse Meat record labels are more important than fashion labels, despite the numerous fashion designers, music industry types and the more macho gay scene queens, who mix with the rest of the hyper friendly crowd. Last time I went I made out with a 6’6" war correspondent for Al Jazeera.

On the eve of the disco Brits beginning their bi-monthly at Paris’ newest club, Wanderlust, we called Jim Stanton to get the lowdown on the club that the BBC describes as "a sublime place where the cosmic, the hairy, the naked and the downright fabulous can be free and far out" – and play a good old game of marry, fuck, kill…

How comes you’re doing a Horse Meat in Paris?

After partying with the Silencio guys in Ibiza this summer, they asked us to be residents at both Silencio and their newest club Wanderlust. We’ll be playing there every other month.

Does Paris need Horse Meat?

They have always been fond of the flesh I feel, non?! The answer to your question is a modest yes. After playing a few Paris parties the fabulous Michele Gaubert kindly enlisted us as DJs for the Chanel parties all over the globe. I think I first had an inkling that there was a need for our style of disco and how we do things, at a Lanvin party at Hotel de Crillion a few years back. There were so many people coming to congratulate us on our music.

What are your views on the Paris clubbing scene?

I think the Paris scene is very much about being "seen" rather than having a discernible scene or movement at the minute. I’m really not overly familiar with what is going on at the minute gay-wise but it appears it is going through similar changes to that of London whereby people aren’t really into that ‘big gay club’ and muscle experience anymore.

Horse Meat has travelled the world, Berlin, Istanbul, Lisbon, New York, where have you liked it best?

Berlin and New York are probably our best crowds outside of London. In Berlin every monthly event has been RAMMED for the last four years and in true Berlin style the air is suffused with a masculine erotic charge. And as New York is the home of Disco, we’re always astonished at how welcome NY folk make us feel.

So my editor wants us to play a disco marry, fuck, kill; here goes…

Arthur Russell, avant garde cellist and disco pioneer

Fuck. He was a real satellite, incredibly talented and so deep.

Pet Shop Boys. First: Chris Lowe, the moody keyboardist, in baseball cap and sunglasses.

Fuck. In the 80s. Everyone wanted to fuck him back then didn’t they?

Second: Neil Tennent the singer in the expensive suits

MARRY. A lovely chap we’ve bonded a few times at parties


Marry and spend all his money


Fuck, needs no explanation, right?

Giorgio Moroder

Marry, I mean he’s the ultimate mad genius.

David Bowie during the Ziggy Stardust in a leotard era.


David Bowie now

Marry and fuck, he looks so fine in the new video with that Alexander McQueen frock coat.

Legendary electro soul singer and former Cockette, Sylvester


Raining Men singers The Weather Girls

Marry them, they’re amazing, we’d eat, dance, praise the lord and laugh our heads off all day long.

One of the originators of house music Larry Levan

MARRY him and save him from a horrible end to his fantastic life.

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