Designers Nana Aganovich and Brooke Taylor took their bow after their show wearing wonderfully kooky matching outfits that were a mix of Aganovich last season and vintage. We caught up with them backstage after the show to have them talk about their collection that was accompanied by serene music and models walking a slow, measured pace…

What was the genesis of these intricately structured pieces?

Brooke: The first thing we started with was ‘lines’ and as we started to get a lot of lines shooting into the body then shooting out. Then with the music we wanted to do something extremely calm.

Everything had a very Asian touch to it

Nana: The Asian look isn’t on purpose, it’s because we play with lines that we end up with a very Samurai, austere look.

You guys always have such variety in your inspirations

Brooke: This season we were looking at pictures of machines in the early 20s, the bronze came out of that

Nana: We’re getting very close to finding our own asymmetry, we’re still figuring it out but this season we were trying to add a very hard structure into something very light and subtle.

The shape of many of the pieces suggests a lot of structure going on inside

Nana: All the structure is on the inside to keep the fluidity going on the outside, not too complicated so that you can wear it.

If you work with lines and seek to push boundaries in structure then how do you work in the studio?

Nana: We start working on one piece for a long, long time. As soon as we’ve worked out that one piece everything else follows. We have a great pattern cutter and work with a fitting model so it’s not about translating drawings but working with the body

Where’s your atelier?

Brooke: It moves but on the first of March we’ll finally have our own studio in Bastille.

Photography by Tamara Savidi, Michelle Williams and Lyla Vander

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