Taralis’ signature is to take the suit as a baseline and fuck with it – "tailoring and structure have always been fundamental to my collections," said the designer after his show, pointing to images of looks pinned to the model line-up board to give examples of his train of thought. The suit is stretched, distressed and always given a dark, gothic feel matched with high boots, open dinner shirts, skinny trousers and floating materials that given a phantom-like vibe.

"Also contrasts," he continues. "I’m half German, half Greek but born in Canada so it’s a little bit of a mixed salad and almost a bit schizophrenic if you think about it. One half of me is structured and rigid, the other is poetic and then coming from the mediterranean there is always movement in my pieces."

Indeed, Taralis mixed black pony skin on high, minimalist platform boots with sheer chiffon shirts. Thick felt and wool on jackets walked the runway before a long draped dress such as one could imagine Enyo the Greek Goddess of War to have worn on a campaign to seduce a lover.

Taralis’ sartorial voyage is Gothic and urban, androgynous, futuristic and somehow fantastical as his men and women resemble dark characters from a dystopian future, striding from smoldering battleships from the science fiction novel Dune.

Photography by Leandro Justen/ and Tamara Savidi

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