Listen to an interview with Gareth Pugh recorded directly after his show….

Gareth Pugh stunned one and all with the biggest collection he has ever done. Fifty-one looks glided through an incredibly elegant salon inside the Hotel De Salomon de Rothschild that had been dressed to reflect a whole story of a charred aristocrat inside her Parisian mansion.

Lights were beamed through the wooden barricades and smoke circled the room so that the glints from the huge, pendular, glass chandeliers were contrasted with dark shadows, giving the impression of smoking embers.

Speaking to Gareth Pugh backstage he introduced us to knowledge about the Asgarda tribe, a group of women who live in the Carpathian mountains that provided the bass-line of inspiration for his collection. From here he weaved this attitude into something altogether more fantastical, a lone heroine gliding through the embers of her smoking nineteenth century mansion.

Speaking backstage after the show, Gareth was so eloquent and specific in describing his collection that we decided to give you the chance to listen to the man express his ideas himself. It’s a real treat and MADE fashion week was enthralled to host his momentous show that truly felt like a moment of performance art. Just press play on the soundcloud file adjacent.

Photography by Leandro Justen/ and Michelle Williams

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