Calf-length skirts or long, loose drawstring trousers matched with lace tops or leather smocks that tied across the waist were the key notes in the Sharon Wauchob collection. Wauchob is also the head designer for Edun, the brand started to help tribes in Africa by Ali Hewson, the wife of Bono.

For designs on her own label, the Irish born, Paris resident Wauchob takes the route of laid back professional, for these are all outfits to be worn at work functions, gallery openings or the office. The Wauchob woman (and she is a woman not a giddy teen) is relaxed but efficient, she enjoys cashmere and casual evening wear. An oxymoron one might think but take the baby ivory pink ensemble of long, wide trousers matched with silk pleated shirt underneath a mohair Teddy coat, this is evening-wear that’s relaxed and cosy.

Pleats were across the board at Wauchob, be they on the side of silk slacks or on one side of an asymmetrical skirt. A laser stencil and maxi-lace were also the lain elements of an entire section of the show where Wauchob mixed Victoriana with a modernity not unlike key elements favored by Phoebe Philo at CĂ©line. It’s a sign of the times, very 2013.

This collection was shown as part of MADE fashion week

Photography by Tamara Savidi, Lara Wyant, and Leandro Justen/

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