Sister by Sibling is in it’s fourth season. Along with JW Anderson it seems to set for inclusion amongst the ranks of fellow London based independents the rest of the world really follows, with the likes of Gareth Pugh, Jonathan Saunders and the now Gucci group aligned Christopher Kane. Their kooky designs prompt screaming headlines from all British mainstream, conservative press who need to fulfill their seasonal ‘isn’t fashion bonkers?’ article quota.

The small East London based label is put out by threesome Sid Bryan, Joe Bates and Cozette McCreery. The latter spoke to and credited "threesomes as always fun", but more seriously said "having three at the helm means tasks, pressure, responsibilities can be publicly shouldered by all of us and we can carry each other."

Sid Bryan is London’s go to guy for knitwear having complete spells at Alexander McQueen and Giles under his belt. McCreery points out, "it would be idiotic to not make the most of that and we are all obsessed with knitwear". The genius of Sibling’s fashion forward knits, is that the knitwear oeuvre means the sort of extreme, attention grabbing forms that the internet loves can actually easily be worn in real life. After Sibling debuted as a menswear label 2009, this is Sister by Sibling’s fourth season, the show was styled by Katie Grand.

This collection was dedicated to Paula Yates, mother of fashionable Geldoff daughters Peaches and Pixie. A former rock journalist then TV presenter back in the 80s, on a show called The Tube, think The Face or Dazed & Confused realised through the medium of television, and on it Yates’ interviewed post-punk bands and early dance acts, was generally smarter and more rock n’ roll than they, and the guys obviously wanted to fuck her. Sister wrote on the press notes "She was sexy and flirtatious, beautiful and clever and also a rarity since women loved her too. She must’ve been doing something right."

Onto the collection, which according to revolved around the theme of "domestic disturbance, a sort of mélange of forties/fifties domestic goddess with subversive punk prowess or Energy, fun, and Englishness, with added knitting". All realized with floral knits, takes on the traditional twinset with enormous dots, giant hand knits, fair Isles, knitted floral jacquards and bouncy leopard spots.

The Brit fashion pack loves Sister by Sibling because the shows manage to wow, while featuring clothes that manage editorial and commercial in one hit piece. What’s more Sister is womenswear for situations other than imaginary galas, never-invited-to award ceremonies or not-likely-to-ever-be-fun cocktail parties. Other Sibling punk connections include a former collection inspired by Poly Styrene, an early collaboration with trash artists Tim Noble and Sue Webster, and my favourite factoid of all, one of McCreary’s former boyfriends was in Nitzer Ebb.

The London Showrooms

Photography by Christopher Dadey

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