Forerunners of electronica, ambient techno, acid glitch, broken beats and breakbeat, Rob Brown and Sean Booth formed Autechre in 1987 in Rochdale, Greater Manchester in the UK. The pair, who rarely if ever speak to the press, DJed the early 90s rave scene then signed to Sheffield’s electronic record label, Warp Records, which is also home to Aphex Twin, Plaid and Square Pusher.

Totally uninterested in the fame game (and never needing to as their music found its audience) the pair also recorded under secretive pseudonyms for Skam records in Manchester during the 90s, possibly as Gescom but their identities have never been confirmed or denied. Following Autechre came bands like Boards of Canada and Pole, and for the last fifteen years Autechre have been held in growing cult-like esteem by music fans who would also buy Ryoji Ikeda, Plastikman or Basic Channel.

Ahead of their eleventh album release, Exai (named after the pronunciation of Roman numeral XI), the duo play an epic pair of live internet broadcasts, the first of which set the internet alight amongst the international electronica community. DJ sets always include the spectrum of electronic music including glitch, 8Bit, Brit-hop, early US hip-hop, dubstep and 90s rave.

The second DJ set will begin transmitting on Sun 3rd March 20:00 GMT which is 2pm CET for New Yorkers. Exai is released on the 4th of March in all electronic sound file formats, cd and vinyl.

Link to live Autechre radio show

Link to buy LP, Exai

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