Opening Night: Larry Clark Stuff

It’s not easy throwing an opening reception for a guy like Larry Clark. The photographer/filmmaker/designer has given a voice to the "skate or die" generation. Now his followers have grown up and were ready to kick down the doors of Milk Gallery last night to pay homage to Clark at the opening reception of Larry Clark Stuff. The gallery space has been transformed by our friends at Boo-Hooray who curated the spaced into one gigantic shrine chalked full of all things Larry.

The evolution of the skateboard culture was well represented through the vast amount of shirts and skate decks that Clark had designed over the years. Signed prints of Larry’s photos hung next to film posters from films like Bully and *Kids, both of which were directed by Clark.

The line outside of the venue seemed to never deplete and neither did the kegs of beer that kept everyone’s hands full as the room kept filling up with more and more people excited for their chance to touch the hem of Clark’s garments.

This ode to Larry Clark is not to be seen as a lifetime achieve award that will grease the wheels as Clark skates his way into retirement. Clark is still working and influencing the generation below him. Last year his latest film Marfa Girl, which won the award for best film at the International Rome Film Festival, premiered exclusively on The films success proved that Larry’s act of defiance against the film industries status quo is just another in a long list of ways Larry Clark is showing young artists how to stick it to the man and remain successful.

Photos By: Therese and Joel

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