SXSW: Say Hello To "K.I.D.S."

"Buzz bands" are pretty much what SXSW is all about, but sometimes you don’t realize that many of these bands have been around for awhile, but just off the radar. For K.I.D.S., this isn’t the case as their show on Wednesday night at Clive Bar was the very first show they’d ever played together. Rosanna Munter, a Swedish singer with the body of a runway model, teamed up with her friend, Charles Cave, a British musician and a former member of the band White Lies, and began creating tracks together in his bedroom just over a year ago. With no real intention of creating a band they had a lot of freedom Charles explains, "We had no feeling if anyone was ever going to hear it, let alone buy it or appreciate it, so we just did whatever we felt like that day or whatever mood we were in."

We found out that Rosanna happens to be friends with Caroline and Aino, the lovely ladies from Icona Pop since the age of 10 (we also found out the Swedes love to support each other!) and has sang with them on some of their tracks. However, don’t expect K.I.D.S to sound like the infectious electro-pop that you’re used to hearing from those ladies.

K.I.D.S. is heavily influenced by krautrock – a dark sounding mix of rock and electronic music that originated in Germany in the late 1960’s. Switching genres was something that was easy and exciting for the two of them. "Just to get together with someone new and start to do something differently and contradictory to the style you were doing before without any sort of a guide… it’s quite refreshing" Rosanna told us.

As soon as we entered the venue we spotted the ladies from Icona Pop smiling proudly as they watched their friend’s band perform for the first time. We joined them and was soon mesmerized by Rosanna’s strong stage presence – at one point she was hitting a tambourine against her chest so strongly, I was afraid she was hurting herself. I was slightly taken aback as the demure, delicate sounding Rosanna from earlier that day completely disappeared when she was in front of the mic, while Charles slung around his guitar like a seasoned veteran. I don’t think anyone in the crowd could’ve guessed that this was their first performance; they even dealt with the technical difficulties that come along with SXSW’s quick sound checks and multiple band changes graciously, without letting them hinder their performance. If this was their first performance, I can only imagine where they will go from here, especially as they develop their unique sound more and more.

After SXSW, they hope to finish up the last few tracks for their first album, with a release date slated for early next year, which we are very excited about it. We’re thinking you will be too.

Photos By: Koury Angelo

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