Milk Los Angeles - The Purple Magazine Party

Purple Magazine was founded on the idea of anti fashion. It rebelled against the structured and massively over glamorized idea of fashion set in the 80’s and built it’s own idea of what fashion was. A little over twenty years have past since it’s creation, and now it seems that Purple has played a major role in taking the counter culture and making it the celebrated standard.

Suit jackets rub shoulders with leather jackets at Milk Studios Los Angeles to celebrate the March issue of Purple Magazine. The studio was packed so tightly with famous faces, you couldn’t turn your shoulder without knocking champagne out of a celebrities hand. All night long we watched as Olivier Zham danced around the room, moving his pose from Chloe Sevigny to Alexander Skarsgard to Paz de la Huerta to Jeffrey Deitch.

We peeked into the Purple Diary to see what the night dragged on for Olivier as he celebrated Purple’s latest achievement with us at our LA digs.

Photos By: Brad Elterman

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