Kate Nash Talks The "Girl Talk"

When Kate Nash speaks, she uses her whole body. Her arms flail about her as she pantomimes her thoughts. Her words swim excitedly out of her mouth inside of a well-pronounced British accent. When Kate listens, her eyes smile brightly back at you, making you feel like you are the only person in the room she could possibly notice at that very moment. She takes small, polite steps when she walks. It’s as if the ground she’s walking on is made of delicate porcelain and she’s doing her best not to shatter it.

All of these traits seem to fit perfectly into the mold of a 25-year-old pop singer from London placed neatly behind a piano or an acoustic guitar. They don’t, however, seem like distinctions you would attribute to a feminist-rocker screaming her diary of complaints into a microphone. Somehow though, Kate Nash makes her new found love of rocking out work on her latest album Girl Talk. I’m not saying Kate’s the new Joan Jett or anything, her new songs still lean more towards surf rock than full blown punk, but it’s still very apparent which road Kate’s trying to drive her motorcycle in.

I hung out with Kate and crew for three days as she finished the last three shows of her Girl Talk tour in New York. On stage, Kate is electric. The singer holds the crowd in the palm of her hand, shuffling back-and-forth between being a head banging rockstar to a pretty little pixie whose voice has been dabbed in sugar. She jokes with her audience while on stage and off stage she greets them all with hugs while posing for photos.

As a feminist, Kate uses her celebrity to help spread awareness about issues in impoverished parts of the world. She has recently signed on to be the global ambassador for Plan, where she speaks on behalf of their Because I am a Girl initiative. After hosting screenings of the new film Girl Rising, Kate has spoke to crowded rooms about the importance of empowering young women across the globe in hopes of motivating them and allowing them to have opportunities to prosper.

OHMYGOD is Kate’s latest single and music video from the album Girl Talk. The song is a melancholy letter to friends she has to leave behind whilst touring around the world.

Oh the troubled life of a rockstar.

The honesty in Kate’s lyrics are what keep her young audience playing her songs on repeat. If Kate’s sugar coating anything, it’s only to help her listeners swallow the bitter pill that she’s feeding them with her songs. Kate takes the good in with the bad, scribbles it all down in her diary and leaves it all there in the open for everyone to read. It’s like her songs are a packaging of broken-hearted Facebook updates she’s collected over the years. This ability to harness the follies of youth are why her audience is chomping at the bit to hear more. If Kate keeps this up, she’s going to be singing the sorrows of young ladies to packed houses for years to come.

Photos By: Michael Dubin

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