Q&A With Tumblr Star Ashley Yingling

Ashley Yingling: loveforfashion.tumblr.com
Name: Ashley Yingling
Age / Astrological Sign: 18 / Scorpio
Actual Hometown / Dream Residence: Conway, Arkansas/Sweden
If your Tumblr account would be a TV series, pitch us a concept in one sentence: Follow the journey of a young teen as she answers a voice deep inside her heart without knowing where the journey may take her or how long it may take, all she knows is she must answer the incredible call of her heart.
Fashion icon I’d be nervous to say hi to: Audrey Hepburn
Most sacred fashion experience so far: Working with my blog for the past 16 months!
My model look-alike is: I’m not sure haha. I have the same facial features as Britney Murphy and Bryce Howard but I don’t know any Models I look like.
Time I wake up in the morning: between 6:30 and 7:00 central time.
My biggest allergy: pollen
What I currently sing in the shower: What’s My Name by Rihanna
My trashiest guilty pleasure: Chocolate
Language I’d like to learn the most: Spanish
How I like my Milk: Chocolate

Photo courtesy of William Mebane

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