Photo Story: Caitriona Balfe, Arizona Slot Canyon

This marks our second and last installment of Milk Made Photo Stories with Photographer James Houston. This time around, Houston takes us on a journey to the Arizona Slot Canyon where he shot Irish Model, Caitriona Balfe for his Natural Beauty series.

From shooting in a place of natural wonder all the way to tourist traversing through the middle of their set, Caitriona and Houston share their personal experiences with us on what it was like to work on the Natural Beauty project in support of Global Green USA.

Caitriona’s Story: "Shooting in the Antelope Canyons was so special not only because it’s such a sacred place for the Navajo, but also because of the amazing light that seems to dance on the walls. It seemed like it was in constant motion and I loved that James wanted to match that with a lot of movement in the photographs. He’s one of those people that doesn’t just see success in personal terms but rather for the betterment of everyone. That’s why his partnership with Global Green was so great, a real chance to marry something so creative with true activism." – Caitriona Balfe

James’ Story: "Probably the most surreal experience I had shooting this project was when I finally got to shoot at my ultimate fantasy location ‘Antelope Canyon’ which is one of the famous slot canyons in Arizona. This canyon is very much like the one James Franco was trapped in in the movie 127 hours when he had to hack his arm off.

I took my good friend Irish model/actress, Caitriona Balfe, with me for the shoot. When you walk into the canyon it’s literally like an amazing stone cathedral that has been created by flash flooding over the years. The light is incredible and the intense red and orange colors are insane. I wanted to shoot a shot in the canyon that incorporated the model with the environment.

The crazy thing was every fifteen minutes massive groups of Japanese tourists wearing masks and hats, to protect them from the dust, would come walking through where we were shooting. It was insane and such a crazy contrast to the eery silence of these spectacular canyons." – James Houston

The Natural Beauty exhibition by James Houston is open to the public at Milk Gallery, New York April 24th through May 5th 2013.

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