Structurally Sound: The Installations of Coachella

From a looming robot praying mantis ship to a slow moving snail decorated in graffiti and the ever-present Ferris wheel, the installations of Coachella are just as big a part of the experience as the music. It’s under the cover of a structure that you will find cuddling couples seeking refuge from the sun. It’s beneath the colorful lights of one of these giant installations that you’ll find a lot of shirtless hippies with their eyes rolled back in their heads, tripping on God knows what for hours at a time. They are landmarks to meet your friends at when you, inevitably, lose each other among the drones of musical zombies. They serve as places to fall unrealistically in love with someone you just met and don’t act like you don’t know what I am talking about.

Here are a few shots we took while roaming through the festival each day.

Photos by: Koury Angelo

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