Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds after party presented by Milk Made and Tea & Crumpet

Intense sandstorms engulfed the grounds of Coachella as I ran to the parking lot to make my final exit. I imagined one of the sand worms from Dune exploding out of the ground as I frantically searched for the world’s smallest rental car that I had arrived in among the thousands of vehicles covered in mud. After being reunited with my tiny ride I raced out of Indio towards the Hard Rock Hotel in Palm Springs. Along the side of the freeway I spotted a huge 18-wheeler lying on its side surrounded by orange cones, most likely toppled over by the massive gusts of wind. I contemplated stopping to take a quick shot for Instagram, but decided there was no time. I was on a mission.

I pulled up to the hotel and immediately noticed that Mr. Brainwash had recently defaced the building with massive stencil pieces proclaiming "Music is Beautiful". I was dancing the minute I walked into the lobby, the music drifting throughout the building as Tame Impala and DJ Henri got the party going. I was greeted with a drink by a smiling cocktail waitress and noticed that I wasn’t the only one that could not be deterred by the sandstorms. As I scanned the room for our photographer, Koury Angelo, I saw lots of familiar faces. Unmasked, Daft Punk owned the dance floor. They were the first to arrive (and the last to leave) and helped turn what could have been another cocktail soiree into a full blown dance party. Tame Impala was joined by an impromptu guest performance by MC Ariel Pink and there was not a head in the room that wasn’t bobbing to the beat. My favorite sight was seeing DJ Wade Crescent dancing endlessly with Alfie Allen and basically every hot girl in the room.

The night really got started when Questlove took over the turntables, playing hip hop staples alongside theme songs to shows like Happy Days and The Jeffersons, moving the party on up…

I watched in awe as a dust covered Josh Klinghoffer of the Red Hot Chili Peppers arrived to the party after finishing his set at Coachella. I saw Alexander Wang and Phoenix roll in followed by their posse. Johan Lindeberg and Nur Khan kept their feet casually propped up next to bottles of alcohol. To my right was the man of the hour Nick Cave standing casually talking with friends and as I glanced to my left, noticed I was in the company of the always fashionable Chloe Sevigny.

Out of all the parties that Milk Made has thrown, it was clear that this was one of the most star studded. Remind us to send a sincere thank you to the team at Tea & Crumpet for helping Milk Made end our three days at Coachella in the most surreal way possible.

Photos by: Koury Angelo

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