The Neon Carnival

If you are planning to keep your Coachella trip contained to nothing but the festival you are really missing
out on what the whole experience is about. The festival may be the main attraction, but it is only the tip of the
iceberg when it comes to the weekends rituals. To get the most of your experience, save some energy for the after
parties. In particular, if you can find a way to get yourself on the list, get yourself to the A | X Armani
Exchange Neon Carnival
. It’s the most fun you can have in the middle of the desert without being on drugs… but
it’s probably even better if you are.

Let me just mention of few of the notables that showed up to play the games and ride the rides at the pop-up
carnival in the middle of nowhere. The first people I spotted were Vanessa Hudgens and Jamie Chung both of
whom were decked out in A | X (peep Vanessa’s shades, straight from the new Color Flash collection from A | X).
I almost lost my drink when I literally smashed into Kirsten Dunst and had to stand in line behind Alexander
to get my chance to throw darts at balloons. I heard Leonardo DiCaprio was wandering around but
didn’t see him, as I was way too busy getting busy on the dance floor next to Alexander Wang (no big deal).
Emma Roberts also looked gorgeous in A | X as she waited with friends to ride the ferris wheel. A slew of other
celebrities were roaming around the
carnival, but the most astonishingly awesome sighting of the night was Clint Eastwood. It was completely
surreal watching the biggest bad ass the world has never known aiming a water gun at a clown’s mouth trying to win a
stuffed animal. He lost to some chump that has bragging rights to being a better aim than Clint Eastwood for the
rest of his life.

This is the fourth annual Neon Carnival and each year the crew behind the event seems to step it up just a little
bit more. DJ’s Jesse Marco, DJ JUS-SKE and DJ Kayper spun the night into the ground and after four
hours of free Svedka Vodka I should have been given a DUI when I got behind the wheel of the bumper cars.

We understand if you decided to stick it out and finish the second day of
by watching Sigur Ros and Phoenix (accompanied
by none other than R Kelly), but for me, the Neon Carnival trumps all experiences that could be had during a
weekend in the desert of California.

Photos By: Seth Browarnik/

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