Jeremy Scott's Technicolor Dream Show

Jeremy Scott charmed his captive audience, welcoming them into
his magnificent fantasy world once again. Everyone seemed to be loving the ride. “This was about my enthusiasm of getting
dressed up when I was going to college,” said the designer. “And
lots of superheroes too. I’m in love with Batman, but Superman will
always be close to my heart as well!” Singer Keri Hilson seemed to relate: "That Superman dress is the kind you want to put on when you’re about to take over the world," she gushed.

Beyond superheroes, highlights included neon furs, lurex man skirts,
and fantastical lace origami. And if cotton candy is your thing, there was plenty of fluffy pink to enjoy–angora bikinis, sweaters, fur shoes. “The energy of this show is so different from everything else,” said guest of honor Kanye West. “I’ve been to Jeremy’s shows in Paris and in New York, and he just puts out something that’s very joyous and creative. I felt a lot of good energy here.” Also in attendance was Vanessa Hudgens, who came dressed in the designer’s duds. "I’m wearing crosses and velvet, which are simply two of my favorite things in the world,” she exclaimed.

— Valentine Uhovski

Photos courtesy of James Stone

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