Har Mar Superstar says "Bye Bye" to his old sound

Har Mar Superstar was born from the idea of having a good time. The alter-ego of singer Sean Tillmann came into the world at a time when music was tired of taking itself so seriously. In 2001, when Andrew WK was getting headbangers and party girls to join hands and "Party Hard", Har Mar Superstar was right there with them… but with less clothes on.

By the end of a Har Mar show Tillmann, who resembles a not-so-creepy version of porn star Ron Jeremy, is a sweaty mess. The artist who began his set fully clothed will usually end his performance in nothing but his undies. This gimmick might be enough to get the crowd to relax and have a good time, but it’s Sean’s sexy voice floating above dance hall beats that really get the party going. I’ve witnessed crowds of scoffing non-believers become instantly converted to Har Mar Superstar fans after hearing Sean perform one song live. His body may mirror Ron Jeremy, but his voice flows through golden pipes that could be signed to Motown.

Although most of Har Mar’s songs are party anthems that revolve around sex and alcohol and nothing but fun, in his latest album Bye Bye 17, Sean puts down the beer bottle and gets deep. The album is less pulsating disco-pop swimming in synth and more 60’s soul backed by the saxophone. The single "Lady, You Shot Me" is reminiscent of Otis Redding or Al Green, and shows that after a four year hiatus, Har Mar Superstar has really grown up. This change in direction for the artist comes with his move over to Julian Cassablanca‘s new record label Cult Records and helps to prove wrong all the critics who may have saw Har Mar Superstar as a sexually fueled, one-trick pony. Don’t get us wrong though, Har Mar may be saying bye bye to his old sound on Bye Bye 17, but on stage Sean is still saying bye bye to his inhibitions and bye bye to his clothes.

Photos By: Devin Doyle

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