The Return To LA Parties

Between covering the first and second weekends of Coachella we worked poolside at The Standard hotel in West Hollywood during the day, so that we would be ready to party and dance all night at the Return To L.A. parties.

After getting past the clipboard carrying doorman checking names on a list, you have to walk through the kitchen of The Standard’s diner in order to get inside the dark club known simply as Mmhmmm. That’s right, this isn’t a fake name being read off by Stefon from Saturday Night Live’s "Weekend Update", the club is actually named "Mmhmmm". The pitch-black dance club is no more than a dance floor and a few VIP table sections, but make no mistake, this dark room was stuffed to the brim with all the Hollywood haircuts and New York natives we wanted to see and they were all ready to get down at the Return to L.A. parties brought to life by Milk Made, Standard Sounds and Vice Magazine.

Three nights of programming included a Le Bain pop-up, which meant a lot of New York staples were present. Nur Khan and Chloe Norgaard sat drinking next to legendary music video director Chris Cunningham and the boys from Daft Punk who had all just made their exit from the AnOther Magazine dinner. Sprinkled in between the famous faces were lots of young, drunk couples making-out in horizontal positions.

Hollywood is a funny place.

As the nights rolled on the parties only got better and better. Each night Los Angeles’ 2am last call seemed to be more of a suggestion than anything, as the parties kept moving people in and out until upwards of 4am – at which point there were a lot of drunken stumblers making their way over to the teepees by the pool.

For the final night of festivities, before everyone returned back to the fields of Coachella for another weekend of music, the entire dance floor got down with the boys of Been Trill to celebrate Heron Preston‘s birthday. The night was nothing but champagne bottles and sexy dance moves at the officially unofficial (unofficial because Goldenvoice won’t legally let anybody attach themselves or their party to Coachella) Tanlines after party. Baio, Glasser and our new favorite True Panther Soundsystem all threw down on the ones and twos, with the night peaking when Kelela got on the mic to sing.

Mid-week bobbed up and down with House of House of DFA Records and a DJ set by The Juan Maclean. Each night felt like it blended into the next, with the daytime lasting just long enough for us to come up for air. Now that the Milk Made team is all back safe and sound in New York, all we can seem to talk about is how much we can’t wait for the next time we get to "Return To LA".

Photos By: Koury Angelo

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