The Return of Arrested Development Countdown

Arrested Development is returning to Netflix in less than a week. The entire fourth season will be available all at once. This means that on Sunday, we are gonna binge harder than Buster in a room full of juice. In order to celebrate, we are sharing some of our favorite moments from the past three seasons, one GIF at a time. Let the countdown begin!

6: The no touching policy is such a good policy – especially when it’s take your daughter to work day and we get to see one of the security guards little girl enforce the rules. Now that George Bluth is on the lamb, the policy is null and void. You know what that means, right? "More Touching".

5: Anything that comes out of Franklin’s mouth. See also: "George Bush does not care about black puppets."

4: "Has anyone in this family even seen a chicken?"

3: George Michael Bluth – The man’s man.

2: "I have made a huge mistake."

1: Like you didn’t see this coming…

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