The Black Angels Mind Melting Live Performance

As The Black Angels burrow deeper and deeper into your brain with nonstop unadulterated rock-n-roll, it’s easy to let your thoughts wander into somewhere unknown. When the music begins you are standing in the middle of a crowd of people that all appear to be the descendants of the original Hell’s Angels. You’re fully aware that you are inside The Mayan Theater and that the flask of whiskey you snuck in will only last you for about two more songs. You watch as the band performs on a stage masked with psychedelic patterns of light. None of the members of The Black Angels move from their positions. It’s as if their feet have been planted into the ground, allowing only their heads to sway back and forth to the music.

As the band jams on you, like the long-haired girl wearing a crown of flowers and dancing by your side, close your eyes and drift somewhere outside of yourself. As the guitar’s wails bend themselves into long eerie moans, you begin to see visions of witches dancing around a cauldron and giant centipedes crawling slowly into a dark caves. You ride a motorcycle across purple clouds in your mind as the band plays an eight minute rendition of Indigo Meadows. Later, you imagine yourself floating down a river on your back, staring up at a petri dish sky where colors blend in and out of each other like oil inside water while the band bleeds out their hit Bad Vibrations. The entire crowd seems to have drank the kool-aid and is floating through the same trip as you. The entire audience snaps back to reality at the same time, cheering and screaming, begging the band to play them back into this strange abyss of dreams.

We are positive that not everyone can handle a live performance by The Black Angels, but for those of you brave enough to try, there will be dual reservations waiting for you in both heaven and hell for the duration of the show. Hopefully you’ll be able to find your way back to reality by the time you have to close out your tab at the bar.

Photos By: Chris Swainston

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