Bombs(hells) Away!

Where can you see wigs, corsets, crystals, googley eyes, and a Chinese dragon collide? That combination can only lead to one place: The Blonds show, which officially closed fashion week for Milk Studios tonight.

Phillipe and David Blond certainly didn’t disappoint this season. The duo amped up their talents with as much glitter and jaw-dropping Asian-inspired craftsmanship as possible. “We’re obsessed by In the Mood for Love and we’re in the mood for love ourselves!” said the designers. “And then of course there’s Mahogony. Everything about that film is already so beautiful, but we decided to go super nuts and just take it to another level.”

And then there’s the hair. “The wigs are a take on Diana Ross’ hair, but they’re just glittered and maximized,” smiled David. “We were going for the glamorous geisha look. It’s fall, and people tend to do black, but we strived to make this as vibrant and colorful as possible.”

The front row was as rocking and bedazzled as the runway itself…Anna Dello Russo in a mink coat and emerald diamonds, Amanda Lepore in a scarlet patent-leather corset, and Eve sporting one of The Blonds’ spiked classics. “I have been warning people not to gun me,” grinned the Grammy winner. “I don’t want to be know for stabbing anyone at Fashion Week!”

  • Valentine Uhovski

Photos courtesy of James Stone and Chad Moore

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