Photo Story 2: “The MARSHALL MATHERS LP” by Jonathan Mannion

In honor of our next Milk Gallery exhibition, ROUGH AROUND THE EDGES: the 665 Polaroid Work of Jonathan Mannion, we bring you the second and final Milk Made Photo Story installment of this series. This time, Mannion tells us about his first time working with Marshall Mathers, A.K.A. Eminem.

"I don’t throw around the word ‘genius’ to describe people loosely, but feel that the mighty Marshall Mathers is someone who falls into that category for me. I think that his internal strategy and vision for what he wanted to accomplish was executed so beautifully early in his career and I’m honored to have brought to life ‘The EMINEM SHOW’, D12 ‘Devil’s Night’ and ‘The MARSHALL MATHERS LP’ as well as a number of magazine covers, specifically The FADER and XXL.

We had all just returned from Amsterdam after shooting what we thought would be the one and only album cover for ‘The MARSHALL MATHERS LP’ (image to be displayed at ‘ROUGH AROUND THE EDGES’). After arriving back to NYC, I got the call that Eminem’s creative direction had evolved and he wanted this album to be more of a presentation of who HE was to further showcase the differences in the trifecta of characters that defined him in totality… Slim Shady, Marshall Mathers and Eminem.

My crew flew to Detroit to accomplish the most personal shoot of Marshall to date. Collaborating with him is a real gift because he’s so involved in the creative process. My wish was to document the environment that made him ‘HIM’… places that he worked, his childhood home, Detroit landmarks that were important, etc. He gladly obliged and we headed to the house where he grew up. In a calm, pensive & reflective moment we achieved a timeless image of Marshall. One of my goals as a photographer is to take the defining photo of a person in any given moment, an image that truly means something to the artist first and foremost. It’s a split second in time that will never be the same again." – Jonathan Mannion

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