The Lone Signal Launch Party

The moment we have all been waiting for is now upon us. The Lone Signal website officially launched last night and what other way to celebrate than a party thrown at Milk Studios’ penthouse? The excitement and energy abounded from Lone Signal’s founders–Greg Kadel, Jamie King, Ernesto Qualizza, Pierre Fabre and Jacob Haqq-Misra–to their keynote speaker Jason Silva to the guests of the party. Last night, according to Qualizza, was the chance for people to witness the making of history: the accessibility to launch text and image-based messages to habitable planets, 17.6 light years away, in pursuit of channeling the passion to extend ourselves into the cosmos.

The Lone Signal Launch Party represented a radical openness to big ideas. As guests arrived to the beats coming from DJ-Chrissie’s corner booth, they were greeted by fog machines and four projector screens, two transparent, that revealed hypnotic neon green laser-like graphics of the Lone Signal emblem and light spectrum kaleidoscope-influenced shapes. Flat-screen TVs played Lone Signal’s“>teaser and time-lapse video, and showed a map of where all in the world Lone Signal can be reached–Australia, Russia, Morocco, United States, etc. The atmosphere made guests feel as though they were living that future they made up or thought of as kids.

The time came for Silva to give a word about Lone Signal’s mission, and for the team members to launch the very first message into space via a live-stream video of the Jamesburg Earth Station control room in Carmel, California. Silva energetically touched upon the fact that Lone Signal, with the support of crowd-sourcing, is doing what has never been done before, but it’s pursuing this METI (Messaging to Extraterrestrial Intelligence) experiment because it finally can. He explained that launching a signal to possible habitable planets helps us transcend our limits. In other words, we are evolving the future of our technology, imagination and creativity exponentially. Silva stated, “The future starts now.”

Haqq-Misra couldn’t have said it better, that the aspect of participation amongst those most passionate about this METI project, trying to reveal the invisible, is exciting. Qualizza said, “ It’s that simple.” The anticipation is over. It’s time to explore.

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