Say Hello To Bridge...A Creature of Habit.

Beverly Hills had been uncharted territory for me until the day I went to meet up with the young singer/songwriter Bridge. The 21-year-old Los Angeles native greeted me with a hug and invited me into his apartment/studio. On the coffee table, weed and papers were laid out on display. Empty beer and liquor bottles decorated the room, a slight haze hung in the air, giving the space a "rap video" ambiance. Next to a pair of giant speakers, standing tall like guards, on either side of Bridge’s computer was a long, green Hookah that the young artist prepped as we started our interview.

"Mind if I smoke this?" asked Bridge.

I waved for him to carry on and I began to look around the room, trying to soak in the memory of exactly what "humble beginnings" looked like. Granted, Beverly Hills isn’t necessarily synonymous with what a lot of people would consider "humble" beginnings, but I don’t think that Bridge’s rapid success that has been building from music blogs across the internet was served to him on a silver platter (a.k.a. Beverly Hills style). The self-taught producer comes fully equipped with unwavering ambition and a severe dedication to dialing in his craft.

Bridge stated, “It doesn’t matter whether you’re poor or you’re rich, or where you come from. It just matters the passion you have for music and how much you’re willing to do and sacrifice for it. That’s what I am trying to represent…not just in my music, but in my life. I do the same thing every day and I have been for the past four of five years, which is just working and going through the same regiment. It goes like…wake up, work on the song, call everyone that I can possibly call, go back, work on the music and then just try to keep myself positive by doing certain things to keep my confidence up and keep my work ethic strong.”

This dedicated routine that has helped Bridge build a global following is what led him to title his debut mixtape Creature of Habit: Part 1.

“I’ve been doing this for so long that I literally became a ‘creature of habit.’ I never wanted to leave [the studio]. I gave up my car from 18 to 21. My parents offered to buy me one and I was like ‘just give me little bit of money, let me save for a studio…I don’t have to leave the house.’ It just forced me to do the same thing every single day," said Bridge.

He continued, "I’m really into it. I love it actually. I’m happy when I’m working, like, when I’m accomplishing things. It starts where it’s all fun and then you get a bit competitive with yourself and you’re like ‘Okay I see my potential. I know what’s good, I know what I can do and what aspects I haven’t shown of myself yet.’ And you get very eager to get to the place you want to be. I’m not talking about money and touring and shows, I’m talking about seeing glimpses of that potential inside yourself and wanting to show the rest of the world that. I know I haven’t shown everything I have to offer. I don’t even feel like I have started to yet.”

To prove his point, Bridge filled the room with bass as he played me tracks that he had recorded just three days earlier out in Miami. The progression of his music and his talent is undeniable in these new songs–a fact that he attributes to collaborating with other artists and producers while in Miami.

“Art by nature is a collaborative effort. I used to only make music by myself in [my studio] because I didn’t really know anyone that could be in the same mind state as me every single day. Then you finally realize that there are other people who do the same shit as you do every single day and have a lot of really good input. So when I went to Miami, that was the coolest part because we had a buddy of mine, Patrick, who’s an engineer/producer and that’s what he does. He brings the right people in and gets them involved to do what’s best for the record. So we’d bring different people we trust into the studio each day to see what happens when we are around each other. It was a big step forward because I always used to be like ‘Let’s just focus, let’s keep it quiet and go to work,’" said Bridge.

The new unreleased tracks, which come from these collaborations, introduce a whole new side of Bridge that his fans have yet to meet. The lyrics dig deeper and the sound is much more unique. I could see the attachment that Bridge has to the new tracks by the way his head was bobbing up and down as he stared into the great unknown.

“You know that a song is good when you’re listening to it and you can’t help but listen to it in third person,” Bridge explains as he paces around the room.

“After you finish the process of writing and making music and hearing yourself on play back…it’s like…once you get [the songs] back, you no longer are listening to yourself. It’s like it came from somewhere else. I mean…if it’s a good record,” stated Bridge.

Although I had just met Bridge two hours before, sitting in his room and watching him enjoy the fruits of his labor, I couldn’t help but feel proud of him. He is rigorously and passionately chipping away at his corner of the world–at an age where the majority of his peers are doing what they can in order to get just enough to spend their weekends doing far too much. There is a long, hard and seemingly never-ending road ahead for this newcomer, if he plans to reach the top of the music world. But he knows that and doesn’t seem to be phased by it in the slightest. Will he make it? We have our Fingers Crossed.

Photos By: Andi Elloway

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