Kate Boy Live at The Echo

It’s sometimes a nervous feeling when you see a band, whose music you really love, perform live for the first time. There are certain expectations that you have about what they’ll sound like, how they’ll look, if they have stage presence, the list goes on. What was created in a track or a music video is sometimes impossible to bring on stage and you just never know what to expect. Especially with a band that has only just put out a 3 song EP.

With that said, Kate Boy’s performance at The Echo in Los Angeles was something that exceeded everyone’s expectations. After emerging from the smoke in what seemed like fashionable SWAT team parachute apparatuses, Kate Akhurst, Hampus Nordgren Hemlin, Markus Dextegen, and Oskar Sikow Engström, performed together like a band that had been doing this for years, not months. They interacted and played off of one another seamlessly, at one point all four of them pounding on their own respective drum in defying precision.

Kate’s voice is unbelievably powerful; each song is almost an anthem that requires a massive amount of strength to deliver. But she had no problem getting through their set, never pausing to rest between songs, and only chatting briefly with the audience to let them know that LA was, “the city that inspired me to make music.” When “Northern Lights” came on, she led the crowd to chant, “Everything we touch it turns, turns to gold, so never ever let go.”

The only disappointment of the evening came when their set was over. Somewhat expecting an encore, the audience stayed around and cheered, waiting for them to come out. Unfortunately for us, they are still polishing up the rest of their album and we will have to wait until they give us more. Until then, we will continue to blast the “Northern Lights” EP and proudly dance and sing along to it at the top of lungs in our cars.

Photos By: Koury Angelo

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