A Festival Underneath the Full Moon

Summer in New York City is not something that people look forward to. Unless it’s sitting indoors, spooning an air conditioner or dealing with the traffic on the way to the beach, the heat gets the best of us. However, last Saturday was the FULL MOON party where the only way to beat the heat was to dance all night. Headlining bands such as Miami Horror, Wild Belle, Tanlines, Cyril Hahn and many others lit up the beach on Governors Island for a night that will stand out amongst most this summer.

Upon arrival to the island, the festive atmosphere was in full swing as people, painting faces and baring skin in preparation for the event, lined up to get on the ferries. I was able to chat with a girl who was clearly ready to dance, since she showed her moves on the boat ride over. She told me that the full moon was a symbol of joining together, and how this was going to be one of the nicest summer nights of the year.

After the boat docked and I received my ticket, I decided to take in the breathtaking view of the Financial District, which was displayed almost like a painting. The air was crisp, the sand was warm and the beer was cold. All I needed now was some good music.

The first Neon Gold tent had the hottest DJs spinning all night to make sure that no one was standing still underneath the full moon (which many were calling a “super moon”). I was impressed by the vendors and the vast selection of food to choose from, as well as a full bar sponsored by Absolut Tune (who did an fantastic job).

In the blink of an eye, the festival area that was once speckled with girls tanning and guys flexing quickly turned into what looked like a free show at Madison Square Garden–packed to the brim with people who wanted to beat the heat. Wading through the sea of people, I found myself stage-side with Natalie from Wild Belle, chatting up on how phenomenal it was to be at the event and how grateful everyone was.

It seemed like electricity flowed through every fan when the bands were playing. Not a single person on the grounds was standing still. I caught sight of two NYPD officers swaying side-to-side, trying to have a good time. Others were dancing hard under the moon light. It was even a romantic night for a lucky few as I witnessed more random makeouts than I have ever seen in the crowd (yes, more than the Justice concert). Each act blew the other away in performance, yet kept the maximum vibe of sonic wanderlust alive.

Finally, after Miami Horror’s jaw-dropping set, it was time to depart back home. Smiles from ear-to-ear were the only thing that everyone had in common when they headed back home. Experiencing something that inspiring leaves you a bit stunned. I was happy to know that I would be sleeping with great memories, in hopes that next year will be just as groundbreaking.

Article By: Nick Uccan
Photos By: Koury Angelo

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