The Social Media Day of Reckoning

You’ve got to tip your hat to a Google+ Hangout dance-off performance that looks like it was rehearsed for weeks in a secret dance room like in Silver Linings Playbook. All that synchronized swinging and grooving isn’t easy — especially when you know it’s being beamed out to computers across the world in real-time.

The streaming dance-off was just one part of the party dubbed The Social Media Day of Reckoning and brought together Captain Planet-style by the triple powers of Mashable, VICE and Milk Studios. The whole shebang was the biggest kick off to Social Media Day since Mashable launched the celebration of all things digital back in 2010.

VIPs from the media companies took center stage to drop some wisdom on the crowd, but the music was loud and the drinks were free so the only sentence that made it through was pretty self-explanatory: “Drink booze and have fun!” Then the DJ took over while a loop of viral videos played out on the wall behind him. Leeroy Jenkins and Charlie bit my finger are all well and good for setting a chill vibe, but for my money there’s no better way to start a party than a continuous loop of the Grape Lady.

Social media works best when you have something worth sharing, so sponsors Swoon, GIG-IT and Namecheap were on hand with a photo booth and giveaways while Home Depot introduced a game called Bucket Pong that’s essentially beer pong but — wait for it — with buckets. It doesn’t look like there should be much strategy involved, but then somebody ricochets the ball off a passer-by and you realize there actually isn’t much strategy but it’s fun to hit people. Of course, the longest line of the evening was reserved for the pretzel machine, because technology is great but man cannot live on social media alone.

Photos by Alison Bushor & Pat Bombard

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