Shark Attack Sounds 2013

Last night marked the 10th Annual Shark Attack Sounds, continuing to successfully uphold its status as the party of the summer come July 4th weekend.

Photographer Ben Watts, who originally founded Shark Attack Sounds in 2002 as an Independence Day celebratory beach party, brought together Milk Studios Founder Mazdack Rassi and hotelier Ben Pundole as co-hosts to last year’s Shark Attack Sounds, who gave their permit-accounted amount of 800 attendees an epic bash of the summer. Watts, Rassi and Pundole created such an event at Rick’s Crabby Cowboy Café, including 500 blow-up sharks, an enormous disco ball and DJs Chelsea Leyland, Zen Freeman, Carl Kennedy and Victor Calderone, that they ended up with around 1,200 people who wanted to not miss out on this unforgettable patriotic party. Yet the result of a larger guest list, meant a larger venue.

Watts, Rassi and new co-host Jeffrey Jah decided that this year’s Shark Attack Sounds, which would benefit the Montauk Playhouse, needed an open outdoor space so that a guest list of 3,000+ could definitely partake in the festivities. The three, as well as sponsors Milk, AEG, Sennheiser, Jeffrey Jah Events, Dicks Cottons, Absolut, Uber and Wineawesomeness, landed Montauk Yacht Club Resort & Marina, situated on 32-acres of waterfront property, as their venue for 20 tents, a lighted stage (beholding that enormous disco ball), 32 portable toilets and their guests and DJs Zen Freeman, Carl Kennedy and Chelsea Leyland.

So what exactly went down at last night’s Shark Attack Sounds?

The doors opened as the sun was setting at 6:00 p.m. Guests did not fail to show up promptly on time. Cabs lined the streets, about a half-mile away from the Montauk Yacht Club Resort & Marina, to drop off the men and women who were anxiously awaiting to party their night away. Watts, Rassi and Jah did not disappoint their guests’ expectations, better yet, they exceeded these expectations. There was no time to waste last night–this year’s Shark Attack Sounds was a playground for grown-ups.

There were neon yellow and pink blow-up couches and chairs, hay stacks and tipis to seat those who dared to sit down, while their fellow comrades took the spotlight, either on stage or on the open lawn, to drunkenly move to their own unique dance as Freeman, Kennedy and Leyland spun remixed tracks. The DJs took their own spotlight on stage underneath the enormous disco ball, with shark-heads complementing the speakers and lights at the front of stage and smoke machines surprising guests at random with clouds of fog. If attendees weren’t soaking in the bass that just wanted to make their body move, they were either getting a picture snapped at Milk’s photo-booth station, the backdrop being an American flag-inspired neon pink and green striped flag with Ben Watts’ diamonds as the stars, or grabbing a vodka mixed drink from the nonstop packed bar.

Come 9:00 p.m., this party was literally packed with men and women from all ages (18+ that is) and from all over–Australia, Brazil, Brooklyn. You name it, they were there at Shark Attack Sounds. Icona Pop’s “I Love It” remix dropped beats and echoed across the lawn as the partygoers chanted along with the chorus and energetically air-pounded their glow sticks. There were those who got low on top of tables, took Instagram selfies on their smartphones, remote-controlled the one-and-only GoPro (including pro-snowboarder Shaun White), sat atop a friend’s shoulders to get the ultimate view, made out with another and tried their hardest to keep the two yellow jumbo-size beach balls from rolling into the marina due to the wind (sadly, one made its way into the water). Anyone (and everyone) fought their way onto that stage. Like the DJ yelled into his microphone, “This party’s startin’ to get naughty.” A security guard even made his way into the center of the mosh pit, smiling, to enjoy a little bit of the action, especially when Theophilus London made a surprise appearance.

Watts, Rassi and Jah definitely met their desired capacity for this year’s summer bash. Oh, and their guests…they definitely met their desired expectation of a party on the scenic waterfront property of Montauk Yacht Club Resort & Marina, better known as the home to the 10th Annual Shark Attack Sounds.

Photos by: Masha Maltsava

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