BRTHR Talks MS MR, Think of You

In anticipation of the latest music video for the MS MR track "Think of You," we sat down with the directors, LEGS‘ own BRTHR.

"The concept of the video is heavily inspired by the 80s show, "TV PARTY," and it’s something the band had in mind prior to the shoot. We discussed what could take that concept to another level and decided to take more of a psychedelic, chaotic approach.

We ended up mixing in and tributing numerous public access TV shows from that era, while adding in modernistic/graphic elements to the entire video. It’s all sort of like a cluster of crazy ideas jumbled into one video– and at the same time– we also wanted to tell a loose narrative in which a boy watching the show at his home, literally enters the TV and ends up on the set of the TV show. We wanted to create a quirky, lo-fi universe that’s sort of strange, but loveable at the same time.

Working with MS MR was an absolute pleasure, as both of them are amazing people, and really respected/trusted our direction. They are also super creative, and didn’t want to settle for anything mundane, which allowed us to have loads of fun and go a lot more experimental. Ultimately, we also felt that we share similar taste in aesthetics– and overall, that’s always a plus in collaboration!" – BRTHR

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