Milk Made Mixtape: Henrietta's Summer jam

Every Monday we’re featuring a playlist by one of our discerning friends. This week’s set comes from Henrietta Tiefenthaler.

Having only come back to the UK for Christmas over the last few years, I haven’t experienced a London summer for a long time; nor, apparently, has anyone else. The recent heat wave was most welcome; I had forgotten how amazing London can be when everyone is temporarily distracted from complaining about the weather. It was impossible to drive through Soho’s streets with the boisterous throngs piling out of pubs and bars, revealing as much flesh as possible in anticipation of the sun retracting into a black hole for another eternity.

Here’s my house mix to burn your way through the rest of the summer. You can probably deduct from the multiple appearances that I’m currently obsessed with Norwegian House Master Todd Terje (pronounced Terr-ee-ay). His track "Inspector Norse" (sadly not included here) is a surefire way to get me dancing, even if it’s only in the company of my mirror. I’ve also included a few timeless dance classics from The Chemical Brothers and Fatboy Slim, my remix of Digitalism’s "Silenz", and my other current favorite, Flight Facilities – It’s almost impossible to go wrong with Modular’s Australian duo.

This mixtape is dedicated to all the house music haters out there – I think even they will like it!

Photos By: Jacqueline Sobiszewski

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