The "Mind In Transit" Opening

Cept aka Mike Ballard is a staple of the UK graffiti art scene. He has been featured in Juxtapoz magazine and has been adding thrills to the streets of London for over a decade. If you’re ever stuck in traffic on the streets of West Hollywood, chances are you have noticed a stencil of Andy Warhol‘s face staring back at you from the side of a wall. You can thank Thank You X aka Ryan Wilson for these street art likenesses of pop-art’s eccentric vampire.

The two street artists turned fine art representatives have team up together for a gallery show at Known Gallery in Los Angeles entitled Mind in Transit. The opening reception for Mind in Transit on July 27th was littered with Los Angeles’ regulars. The charmingly attention deprived Andy Milonakis and pop star Jessie Malakouti both posed next to hanging pieces of art and murals inside the crowded venue. If you didn’t see at least one instagram update from the night, you must be doing instagram wrong because it seemed as though the entire crowd was looking at the show through the screens of their phones all night long. If you missed the opening, remain calm, Cept and Thank You X’s art will be displayed at Known Gallery through Aug. 10th.

Photos By: Martha Galvan

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