Made Hangout: The Menswear Retrospective

For our latest #MADEhangout, we assembled a team of fashion experts to decode what it means to be a man with impeccable style. The consensus is that it’s not all about the clothes — you’ve got to have some swagger too.

Led by Fohr Card Co-Founder and host Rich Tong, our panel included Brian Sacawa of He Spoke Style, Isaac Hindin Miller of Isaac Likes, Justin Bridges of Tucked Style, Laurence Chandler of Rochambeau, designer Lucio Castro, Morgan Collett of SATURDAYS and designer Telfar.

So what does it mean to be a man with great style? It’s all about looking good but not demanding everyone’s attention, said Sacawa. Even a T-shirt and jeans can make a man stand out, said Miller, if everything is tailored or fitted well. Bridges summed up what everyone was saying the best: “Style is the crossroads between thoughtfulness and confidence. I like seeing guys who look at home in their clothes.”

The panel’s style inspirations were across the board, from classics like Marlon Brando and Steve McQueen — “Everything looked so good on them [and] it could be it was all tailored but at the same time their confidence was overpowering,” said Collett — to choices like Dennis Rodman, Chad Muska and even fictional guys like James Bond. “I think if you’re a guy with even a passing interest in fashion and don’t have a man-crush on James Bond, there’s something with you,” Sacawa said.

Looking ahead, our experts were especially interested in menswear designers trying to push boundaries. I think Carlos Campos is one designer on the tailored side that I really look forward to seeing, the way he plays with color and different color blocking techniques,” said Bridges. Hood By Air, Public School and Robert Geller also got shout-outs.

Peep the full video to get the entire rundown on how to be a better-dressed man.

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